Friday, May 10, 2013

Dr. Metadata

Most -- perhaps all -- of the entries in this blog are now available directly from the blog on the KPI Partners site, which also contains contributions from several other people (  That being the case, I plan to shut this site down in the near future.

I haven't published anything new on this blog in the last two years, ever since the advent of OBIEE 11g. Frankly, because I was still working only in 10g (we never adopted 11g as the BI platform at my current employer), I never took the time to really become proficient in 11g. Or perhaps, more accurately, I took time -- but not enough time, apparently. That being the case, I felt I didn't have anything valuable to publish for those of you who did move on and immerse yourselves in the 11g technology.

And I still haven't learned 11g. Maybe it's me, not the product, and maybe I'm totally wrong about it, but I just haven't warmed to it.

A previous blog I published was at . I stopped publishing there when I left Oracle in 2008. However, I am reviving that site and will resume publishing there in the near future.

I plan to publish about topics that could be of interest, regardless of the OBIEE version. I'll leave it to you decide if they're relevant or not for 11g. In fact, it would be great if you could comment and let me know if, or even better, if they're not relevant.

Also, for what it may be worth, I have some thoughts I'd like to publish about BI in general that have occurred to me in the last five years as I was building analytic applications in OBIEE.